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04 February 2007 @ 11:55 am

Thou shalt not be under 18 years of age. If you are, well, you better lie like a dog about it and not get caught, because you will be removed from the game if we find out later down the road that you're underage. There are many reasons for this rule, the most important of which being that there will be mature content here and we need to cover our butts.

Thou shalt not have more than four character slots. The maximum number of characters you may have is four. Once you drop a character, you do not get that slot back. Be serious about the characters you apply for, and don't apply for them on a whim because more than likely they will be dropped on a whim, too.

Thou shalt not be inactive for longer than two weeks. You must make a character LiveJournal post once every two weeks. Two warnings will be issued before your character is expelled from the game. If you're going to be gone and you know you're going to be gone, post a hiatus announcement in the Hiatuses post.

Thou shalt not apply for more than one character per series. Casts tend to stick together in these panfandom games, so to prevent playercesting, we're implementing this rule.

Who is Guu?
Guu is one of the main characters from the anime Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. We can't really put our finger on what she is, though. Wikipedia has a nice article on the series and its characters, including the infamous Guu herself. If you're curious about her, refer to that page, but beware of spoilers.

Is it necessary to have seen HaleGuu prior to joining?
No, but you should go watch the anime anyway, because it's good.

What's with the name? "Guu Eat Korea"?

Is this game het/gay friendly?
Why yes. Yes, it is.

What's the lowdown on superpowers here?
You may use any superpower as long as it is not some form of teleportation that allows you to leave the world. Telepathy cannot reach outside of the world's walls, either. Powers on a WMD level should be used sparingly -- while the world has the ability to repair itself overnight, The Unluckies are watching you and will not hesitate to report abuse to Guu. You will be punished if you are responsible for property damage.

Wait, wait -- "The Unluckies"?
The Unluckies are a vulture and otter duo who originally worked for the Baroque Works in the series One Piece. Their names are Mr. 13 and Miss Friday, respectively, and they act as messengers and executioners. In this game, they have been hired by Guu to deliver messages and punishments to the world's inhabitants. They are under Guu's protection, so they cannot be injured or killed. Trying so will get your character punished in a most unpleasant fashion.

What are the punishments?
That's up for the moderator and culprit to decide together. You might wake up the next morning as the opposite sex, you might puke toads for the next twenty-four hours, or your hair might catch on fire. You might even include the words "I am a sexy beast" somewhere in your application's sample LiveJournal post so we know you've read all this crap. It depends on the severity of the crime and what can be agreed upon as fair by the moderator and player.

What kind of characters can I apply for?
Any character from a cartoon, anime, manga, book, or TV series. You may also apply for characters that are deceased in canon, because Guu's reach extends to the afterlife as well. The only character you may not apply for is, understandably, Guu herself.