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04 February 2007 @ 04:20 pm

The way this works is: one week real time = one day game time. New days begin Thursday at midnight (Friday). This way, players are all given equal opportunity to participate in events.

Suddenly, porings! Thousands of them! Every region is invaded by porings. You seriously can't even walk two steps without stepping on one. Once defeated, these adorable little monsters drop apples, zeny, Santa hats, and in one special poring in each region hidden amongst the bunch, there is a puffer fish beach ball! That's six puffer fish beach balls in all.

The Great Pantsu Shortage. Everyone's underwear goes missing. And no, you can't purchase any from any shop anywhere, because nobody has them in stock! Hope you like going commando.

Tunak Tunak Tan Terror. The song Tunak Tunak Tan by Daler Mendhi plays on repeat for 24 hours. You cannot block it out by covering your ears. It's not loud enough to bust your ear drums, but it's loud enough that you should be able to hear it even in the busy city of St. Asteria.

ALL EVENTS ARE OPTIONAL. THEY ARE NOT MANDATORY. But it will be a lot easier and a lot more fun if everyone participates.