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04 February 2007 @ 12:30 pm
Under the cut is a map of the world, as well as a description for each of the seven regions.

1. First Stop
Home to Seichi and Tomoyo -- the very first residents of Guu's stomach -- this is the first stop your character will make after being swallowed. It is a very, very odd place, full of flying cows, hundred-legged cats and flailing-arm cacti. Flooded with new arrivals daily as Guu continues her galactic feast, Seichi and Tomoyo find themselves overwhelmed trying to keep things as "orderly" as possible. First stop is uninhabitable, but you will inevitably pass through it on your way to one of the other six regions. Points of Interest: N/A.

2. St. Asteria
St. Asteria. The most technologically advanced region in Guu's stomach, consisting of tall buildings, towers, and highways from various modern worlds. Large population, hot summers, cold winters, high crime rate. Points of Interest: bars, nightclubs, casinos, stripclubs, amusement park, waterpark, cafes, malls, 24-hour fast food restaurants, movie theaters, litter, pick-pockets.

3.Tengger Desert
Blistering hot during the day and as frigid as the Arctic at night, the Tengger Desert is your typical desert on the surface, but below, it is another story entirely. Points of Interest: Sand, an ancient underground library guarded by the spirit Wan Shi Tong.

4. Uluru Jungle
Guu likes jungles. Dense foliage, rainy, tropical climate, exotic animals. Want to live like Tarzan? Uluru Jungle is the place for you. Points of Interest: Bananas, straw huts, Amazons.

5. Panthalassa
Greek for "all oceans", this is an amalgam of oceans, seas, and lakes that Guu has devoured. Various unnamed and unpopulated islands dot this vast sea. Points of Interest: Dragons, floating restaurants, pirates, desert islands.

6. Elysian Fields
The countryside. A nice place to settle down, marry, get a dog, raise children... if only the storms from the neighboring Zero Point and hurricanes from Panthalassa wouldn't leak over and make the climate so sporadic -- and dangerous. Points of Interest: Farms, ranches, medieval-type plantations and modest castles.

7. Zero Point
A very, very unstable environment. This is a land plagued by storms, earthquakes, drought and famine and can only be inhabited by the hardiest of souls (ie, cockroaches). Barren landscapes, the occasional dead tree, perpetual night with no daylight in sight. But watch your step; once you fall over the "edge", you pass on through the rest of Guu's digestive system where you are eventually returned to the outside world. Points of Interest: Cockroaches, perpetual nighttime.